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Kaydee is beginning a journal to keep everyone informed of the progress of the 5 K's. This journal will be updated regularly so we can all keep up with all 7 of the Smith K's.

Kaylee Grace is one!! Her first year has really flown by. She has grown from a tiny, fragile, 1 pound 7 ounce preemie to a happy, healthy 15 pound baby girl! She has two bottom teeth, sits independently, waves "bye-bye", claps her hands, says "da-da", "ma-ma" and "ba-ba", and LOVES Barney! She sits in front of the TV and rocks back and forth while watching the infamous, purple dinosaur.
We are so blessed to have her in our lives. We can't reflect on the past year and her birthday celebration without remembering her angel brothers and sisters. We miss them every single day and are comforted to know that we will see them again. We know that they are in God's hands and that everyday is a celebration to them.
Healthwise, she has had only one cold since coming home from the hospital. Other than that, she has been very healthy.  RSV season has finally came to an end and we are thrilled. We are looking forward to going back to church and out to eat.  Developmentally, she continues to do well for her adjusted age. She is making an effort to crawl but looks as though she may go straight to walking.
Her first birthday party was everything I had imagined it to be and more! Every detail was perfected for our princess. A lot of work went into this huge celebration. Everything was beautifully decorated in shades of pink. We kept 4 memory candles burning on the mantle for each of her brothers and sisters. We had a deliciously catered BBQ lunch with all the trimmings. It couldn't have been more perfect.
She absolutely loved her first taste of sugar while digging into her birthday cake with both hands. She loved it! She even sampled some ice cream and Brunswick Stew.
We will post pictures from her birthday party soon. I managed to take everything EXCEPT my digital camera. I am waiting on friends and family to send me copies of the pictures they took. We had a blast.  We were able to reunite with family, friends and many of the nurses who took care of her while she was in the NICU as well as some of our new friends we met while staying at the Ronald McDonald House.
We got some exciting news from the March of Dimes last month. Kaylee Grace has been selected to be the "Ambassador Baby" for the 2007 WalkAmerica that will be held May at Fairview Park Hospital in Dublin. She will cut the ribbon to start the walk and make the first lap. We attended a banquet last month to introduce Kaylee to the team captains and organizers. We were asked to share our story. WalkAmerica supports Prematurity Awareness and Research. In other words it is the "Relay for Life" for preemies. There will be some links to her March of Dimes page, so be sure to look for that.
We got some more exciting news as well. It looks as though our house will grow by two more feet! Yes, Kaylee Grace will become a BIG sister!! It came as quite a surprise but we are thrilled. We are due this fall. Be sure to keep us in your prayers as we pray for a healthy, full term baby.
To everone who so faithfully checks our website, I apologize for not getting an update out here sooner. Time really does get away from us, especially since I have returned to work. We appreciate all of the e-mails asking about her progress. I can't tell you how much it means for you to continue to keep up with our family. Without all of you we wouldn't be where we are today. So thank you!!

January 16, 2007- This update is from Kaydee, with a little help from Miss Kaylee Grace herself.

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season past us, we have finally settled down to do our December update. We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Seeing 2006 go was a little bittersweet for us.  There are so many memories that we don’t ever want to forget. It was definitely a whirlwind year full of ups and downs, ins and outs and twists and turns but through it all we never lost our faith. We are so blessed with four precious angels above us and one who is here on earth with us. We find peace and comfort in knowing that our babies are not our past...they are in our future and we will see them again. 

As for Kaylee Grace, she had a very exciting Christmas. The weather was nice and unseasonably warm, so we were able to get her out to participate in all of our family functions. She absolutely loved seeing the Christmas trees, wrapping paper and bows. She got so many new toys and clothes. She really seamed to enjoy visiting everyone. Please check out the pictures from her first Christmas.
 She and Kory managed to surprise me with a beautiful 5 stone Aquamarine ring. It is so symbolic of our precious babies and the month they were born. Kory designed the ring and it is absolutely beautiful! I wear it everyday.
 Kaylee Grace is now 12.5 pounds and is doing well. She just had her nine month check up and got her immunizations and flu shot. She continues to receive the RSV injection once a month and that will last through April. We are now eating all stage one foods and she has her likes and dislikes. It is so much fun watching her try new things.  She is working hard on getting a tooth but so far we haven't seen or felt anything.
 She is almost sitting up on her own. She is able to sit for a few seconds before she leans to the side and falls...all with the biggest smile on her face. She continues to babble, though we can’t make heads or tails of what she is trying to say. She loves to blow raspberries. She is also sleeping in her own room now. That was a huge accomplishment that we have postponed for months and turns out, we needed her way more than she needed us. It was the easiest thing we have done. She didn’t give us one minutes trouble. She slept like an angel the whole night as I sat in her doorway, with occasional tears streaming down my face, waiting to hear the slightest peep so that I could get her and put her back in our room. Its funny to us how independent she already is.
 Before too much longer, we will be celebrating her first birthday! What a celebration that will be! It just continues to amaze us how fast time flies. It seems like just yesterday we were driving home from Macon for her homecoming.
 2007 is sure to bring new and exciting times. First words, first steps and lots of fun times. We have so much to look forward to. We will soon be able to go back to church and out to eat. We are so ready for Kaylee Grace to meet all of you who have prayed for her, know her and love her...all without laying eyes on her! You don't know how much your kindness means to us. I can't tell you how many times I have bumped into a stranger who knows our story or who has said a prayer for us. It touches our hearts and we sincerely thank you.


December 6, 2006

This update is about two weeks late and I apologize. As Kaylee gets older, computer time is harder to come by...but well worth it. I am sure you understand. 
We have had a pretty busy is a run down: 
Kaylee followed up with her neurologist and he reviewed the results of her MRI with us. He says that everything looks good. He didn't see any evidence of the brain bleed that she had when she was born. It was completely resolved. He said that her brain had some growing to do. We will repeat the MRI in one year. We follow up with him in April. 
Kaylee also saw a pediatric ophthalmologist who she will see in regular intervals until she starts school. He will check her eyes for various things. So far everything looked good. We follow up with him in March. 
Kaylee had a wonderful first Halloween and Thanksgiving. For Halloween, she was a kitty cat. She was not very happy with her costume. I will post some pics and you can tell by the looks she is giving that she is not happy. She was very cute though. We spent Halloween at my sister's house where my niece and nephew gave out candy. We enjoyed some well needed family time. We had lots of good food to eat! 
Speaking of good food, Thanksgiving was unbelievable this year. Last year I was so sick with "morning, noon and night sickness" that I could have cared less if we had turkey or possum. I more than made up for it this year. Kaylee even had her first taste of some things. She even manged to get a spot of chocolate on her pretty white shirt.....hmmmmm. Wonder how that happened! 
Kaylee Grace was able to meet her 90+ year old Great-Great Aunt Rosie who came all the way from Alabama to visit. 
Kaylee continues getting her RSV injections every month. She is doing well with them. Last injection Kaylee weighed 11 1/2 pounds and was 24 inches long. 
She has a head cold right now. We are bummed. But thank goodness it is upper respiratory and not in her lungs and chest. Her pediatrician says that getting a cold like this will help build her immunities and that it can be a good thing. She is getting better everyday though. We have tried so hard to avoid the dreaded cold but with this crazy weather it is a wonder that we aren't all sick. 
That pretty much sums up our past month. Next month should be exciting as Santa gets ready to make a stop by our house. We hope you have a Merry Christmas. It is the season for miracles and we are fortunate enough to hold one in our arms. 
~The Smith's


October 23, 2006

We have said it before and we will say it again...where does the time go? Kaylee Grace is now 7 months old. It is amazing to see how far she has come. She is just over 10 pounds and is measuring a whopping 23.5 inches! That means she has gained 5 pounds and has grown 5 inches since we brought her home on July 1. She is doing very well.

We have had a very busy month. Kaylee continues to give us the biggest smiles. She is trying to "babble". She gets really excited and kicks her legs so hard. If only her legs could talk they would have so much to say. She is liking "tummy time" a little better. She likes to sit in her boppy and seems to enjoy Baby Einstein DVD's.  She is reaching for toys now and LOVES her keys. She is doing well on rice cereal. We are getting ready to try fruits and vegetables and can't wait to see some of her facial expressions.
Thanks to everyone who prayed for Kaylee's MRI and sedation to go smoothly and quickly. Our prayers were heard and answered. We will go this week to see her Pediatric Neurologist to discuss the results. Please continue to pray for us.
As we mentioned last month, RSV season is in full swing. So we don't have to get her out more than we have to, the nurse is coming to our house to administer the injection once a month. With the exception of doctor's appointments we are officially hibernating now. We will have the worse case of cabin fever come April, but we know it is for her well-being.
We were able to enjoy one final outing with Kaylee before our hibernation begins. Kaylee, my mama (Barbara), my oldest sister (Teresa) and myself attending the Preemie Party hosted by the Medical Center. It is a reunion of all the babies who have graduated from the NICU. We had a nice time visiting with all of the nurses and doctors who took such good care of Kaylee. It was good for me to talk with the other moms I had met while in Macon. It is nice to be able to relate to someone else who has a preemie. We took lots of Germ-X. I don't really understand why they have the party during RSV season but then again they didn't ask my opinion. We talked with her pediatrician prior to going and took precaution to avoid getting her close to other children.
Two of Kaylee's favorite night nurses, one of who was unable to attend the Preemie Party, came all the way down here from Macon to visit with Kaylee on Friday. We had a wonderful visit. Thanks Michelle and Alicia for coming to McRae.
One last thing...Kaylee is soon-to-be a big cousin!!! Kory's sister Kim and her husband Lynn are expecting a new addition in late spring! We are thrilled. We wish them a very smooth pregnancy and  delivery!!
That pretty much sums up the Smith household for the past month. We are having such a great time watching Kaylee grow and learn. Each day is an absolute blessing and we thank God for her every single day. Looking back on Kaylee's past seven months of life, we know that God has proven Himself time and again. He has given us more than we could have ever expected or wanted.
All Our Love,
Kory, Kaydee and Kaylee Grace


October 4, 2006- This journal is from Kaylee Grace, with a little help from Mommy and Daddy:

Hello everyone! Thank you for praying for us today. We have had a very busy day. My mommy woke me up at 4:30 this morning! Can you believe that? She knows that I must sleep until at LEAST 9:00. But she was insisting I take my bottle. Being the princess that I am I drank it without opening my eyes!  I heard her telling daddy that I couldn't have a bottle after 5:00 am but I thought she was kidding!
We got to Macon on schedule, 9:00 am. I was taken to a room where the nurse explained everything to us. It didn't take long for me to realize that I was back in the hospital and I got scared. I cried and cried. My daddy made silly faces and I would manage to find a smile for him. But I was NOT happy.
Next the nurse rubbed a magic cream on my arm to help make it numb so that I could get my IV "in comfort". I got my IV on the first try and we were taken down to the MRI room. It was 11:00 on the dot. The doctor was very nice. He said that he would put me to sleep and I wouldn't need that ventilator. My mommy and daddy were so relieved. I was too!! My mommy got to stay with me the whole time but daddy had to leave since he works with sheet metal at his job. He patiently waited outside of the door.
Boy it was sure loud in there. My mommy had to wear earplugs. It only lasted 30 minutes and it was over. Once they pulled me out of that tunnel I was already waking up and I was MAD. First I was strapped down and second I was starving!! What does a girl have to do to get a bottle? I was taken to recovery and it was there that I let everyone know just what I thought about that MRI. I was so mad that I refused to eat. The nurse told mommy and daddy that sometimes babies respond to the anesthesia by becoming "inconsolable". Well that was me.
After several minutes I calmed down enough to take my bottle. Boy was it G-O-O-D! Everyone was laughing at me because I am so little and was making my feelings known but I am stronger than they think! After that my IV was removed and we were free to go. It wasn't that bad but I sure don't want to do it again. Its just one more thing to go under my belt! We should have results on Friday. We are hoping to get an appointment with the pediatrician the first of next week. We promise to let you know something as soon as we do. So until you hear from us again please continue praying for good results! Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.
~Kaylee Grace (with a little help from Kory and Kaydee)


October 2, 2006- This journal is from Kaydee:

We can't believe that half a year has already passed us by! Kaylee Grace is 6 months old now! It is so hard to believe. I wish that I could just bottle her up so that she doesn't grow up too fast.
We continue to do well. She is just over 9 pounds and is getting so long at 22 1/2 inches! She has gained over 4 pounds and has grown over 4 inches since we brought her home 3 months ago! Way to grow Kaylee!!
She is now eating rice cereal with a spoon and LOVES it! She has learned rather quickly how to eat. Sometimes I think we get more on her than in her. It is very messy. Messy but fun!
It is so much fun to watch her learn! She has reached several milestones, though not where a full-term 6 month old would be. She is able to support her head when we are holding her, she has discovered that she has two hands and that fingers are a pretty cool toy. She stares at her fingers for hours! She has learned that her hands are functional. She will reach for a toy and she will switch it from hand to hand. She likes to hold objects and she is a big help with feeding. She likes to "hold" the bowl and she likes to help "hold" her bottle. She can roll from her tummy to her back but is still attempting rolling from her back to her tummy. She is still sleeping though the night. She has laughed out loud at her Daddy several times. She is definitely finding her voice.
She seems to be doing great. We are seeing a "developmental specialist" who checks her in several areas and lets us know what we need to work on to make sure she is developing "correctly". When looking at her they use her due date (6/27/06) rather than her birth date (3/22/06). So rather than checking her as a 6 month old they check her as a 3 month old. She did well at the check up.  There are a few areas we need to work on but considering where she started from....she has made tremendous progress.  We will go back in three month intervals until she is two.
Well RSV season has officially started. It runs from October to April. Kaylee will receive shots once a month to help minimize her chances of catching it. RSV is seasonal and once the season ends Kaylee Grace will be able to make her official debut! Since RSV is so common and highly contagious we have to keep her inside.  She is at a greater risk of catching RSV because she was born so prematurely she wasn't able to receive natural virus-fighting substances from me and because of her underdeveloped lungs. We are going to do all we can to try and prevent this virus from entering our home! Please pray for us.
We have one last prayer request. Kaylee Grace will be going for an MRI of her head on Wednesday, October 4. This MRI was scheduled when she was still in the NICU. Her pediatrician would like for us to have it done. He is not expecting to find anything abnormal but because Kaylee was born with a Grade II Brain bleed (VERY common in preemies) he wants to make sure that it has completely resolved. Even though she is appears to be doing well, we can't forget that she was born extremely premature arriving 14 weeks early.  As much as we don't want to put her through anything else she does need to have this done so lets pray for a normal MRI of her head.
She will have to be sedated for the procedure. We are hoping that a technique called "conscious sedation" will work. We don't want to see her go back on the ventilator. We all remember how badly she dislikes that thing! I think that only in very rare cases that would happen. I will update as soon as I know the results.
Thanks for continuing to keep up with Kaylee Grace. I am sorry that the updates aren't more frequent. I make notes throughout the month and try to update around her birthday on the 22nd of each month.  Please keep checking for pictures. We are having another photo shoot in a few weeks so keep checking for those. We have included some pictures from around the house of her eating, playing, smiling and just having fun! Let us know what you think!
Thanks for your support and please pray for a quick and successful MRI on Wednesday.



August 24, 2006- This journal was written by Kaylee Grace, with a little help from her Mommy:

I am sooo sorry that it has taken us so long to post an update. I know you must be thinking that my mommy has forgotten but she hasn't, I keep her very busy these days. We are having so much fun at home. There is no place I had rather be. Mommy and Daddy are really spoiling me. I am such a sweet girl it is hard not to spoil me!
Can you believe that I am five months old now? I am really getting to be a big girl. I went to the doctor last week and I weighed 7 1/2 pounds. I must be close to 8 pounds by now. I am a very good eater. I am smiling at everything now.  I am very cute when I smile. My mommy sometimes can't see me smile because she is crying. I don't know why she is crying. It must be because she is happy. I am also working hard at rolling over. I almost know how except my arm keeps getting in the way and I get sooo mad. My mommy has to help me. I also love my swing. It is so much fun. It swings me side to side...sort of like my daddy when he's not home it is the next best thing. Did I mention that I am also sleeping through the night? Yep...I am! I LOVE to sleep.
I have had many special visitors since I have been home. A few weeks ago Miss Paige came to see me. Miss Paige was my most favorite NICU nurse for the daytime. She came allll the way to McRae to see me. How sweet of her! Miss Paige not only took care of me but she took care of my mommy too. She is very special to us! And just last week my most favorite nighttime nurses came to see me. It was Miss Michelle, Miss Alicia, Miss Jessica AND Miss Lauren. They were going to Savannah and stopped by to see me.  It was sooo good visiting with all of them. They couldn't believe that I am such a big girl now. My mommy and daddy say that all of those girls are angels to our family. They took such good care of me and when I felt bad they knew just what to do to make me better.
My mommy is still working on thank you notes everyday. Please know that we are so grateful for each and every gift that we received. There were too many to count. Your generosity can't be put into words.  If you haven't received your note yet, please know that it is coming soon.
Well it is almost time for my next bottle. Thanks for keeping up with us! Don't forget to sign our guestbook.


July 30, 2006 This update is from Kaydee:

Time is really flying by. We can't believe that Kaylee Grace has been home for a month already! She is growing like a weed. As of Friday she was getting close to 7 pounds and was 20 inches long. Her pediatrician says that we are doing great with her. He says that he is pleased with her progress over the past three weeks. Her eye exams are also going well. The eye doctor is very pleased with her progress and we won't follow up with him for another month. 
We are still trying to get things back to normal after living in Macon for 4 months. We are slowly getting into a routine with Kaylee Grace. She is such an amazing baby. She is so much fun and brings us so much joy. What did we ever do before we had her? Our days are very sacred. We don't take a single moment for granted. We just feel so blessed to have such an amazing, beautiful, thriving baby girl. When she is awake she is busy feeling everything and taking in her surroundings. She has the biggest, brightest blue eyes that are so beautiful. She has started smiling at us these past few days and we just melt on the inside. 
We have finally added some new pictures to the website. Some are from her homecoming and the others were done by Photography by Donnie. He did an amazing job on them. He really knows how to capture the smallest details. We hope that you like them as much as we do.
Thanks for keeping up with our family. I will continue with weekly updates. Don't forget to sign our guestbook!

July 13, 2006- This update is a Kaydee and Kory original:

Isn't God great? Prayers have been heard and answered!! Kaylee Grace is finally home. I can't believe how fast time is flying by. I am sorry that it has taken us so long to get a new update out here.
 We are doing great. She is just amazing. She is now 6 pounds and 18 1/2 inches long. What a BIG girl!! She is steadily growing right before our eyes. She is sooo sweet. One look into her big blue eyes and you just melt. So far she has been a good sleeper. She wakes every 3 to 4 hours for a bottle and goes right back to sleep once she is finished. She has a few hours a day when she is wide awake. She still loves to move her hands and feel everything. She especially loves to feel her face. I am in the process of taking new pictures and I promise to have them up soon. Please keep checking for them. 
 We are forever grateful to all of you who have followed our progress. You have been our inspiration and your words of encouragement helped us to move forward when we felt as though we couldn't. Please know how much your kindness means to us. May God bless you all! 
 All Our Love,
 Kory, Kaydee and Kaylee Grace

July 1, 2006- Homecoming!!!!

Kaylee Grace got to come home today!! It was a very special homecoming, complete with banners, balloons, and a police escort through town to announce the exciting news! Kaylee Grace is doing well and her family wishes everyone to know how grateful they are for all the thoughts and prayers for them. The Princess can't wait to make her official debut in town but it will be a while as she is not allowed visitors yet. She has to be kept inside for a while as she adjusts to her new home. She will be busy building her immune system, though,  so that she can come out one day and meet all the people that have prayed for her and wished her well !

June 29, 2006- This update is from Aunt Barbie:

Kaylee Grace is doing good! Eating her meals like she's supposed to and just being a good girl! Having missed bottles for a few days, Kaylee says she's not taking'em for granted any more! Kaydee and Kory are really getting to enjoy her. She "talks" to them and smiles. Kaydee says that she lazily blinks her big beautiful eyes almost in slow motion. She says that "'s so cute...!" Kaydee just wishes that she could tell what color they were going to be! Kaylee played doctor again as she has removed her IV. It was just there as a precaution anyway since her surgery, but "Dr. Smith" didn't need it anymore, so it's out! Keep them in your prayers!!!

June 28, 2006- This update is from Keylee Grace herself, with a little  help from Aunt Barbie:

"Kaylee Grace here, everybody, and I am feeling SOOO much better!  Guess what?  I have been playing doctor again.  I took out my own ventilator yesterday afternoon.  Yes, again.  I am such a funny little girl… with daddy holding my hands and everything, I just reached right up there and got it!    I don’t know what I’ll be when I grow up… probably a Princess – but if I HAVE TO  work, I guess I could be a doctor – because I am soooo good at it.   I am back in the NICU on the Progressive side again – back in my window suite.  They probably saved it just for me!  I got my pacifier back and I really enjoyed it.  I held on to it with two hands so that no one would take it away.  I forgot to tell Aunt Barbie that I had more company this weekend than what she knew of.  My Aunt Ann – who is very dear to me – came to see me and brought Aunt Geralda, also very dear, with her.  I must be a special girl as Aunt Geralda came alllll the way from Virginia Beach to see me.  I can’t believe that I didn’t remember to tell Aunt Barbie when we worked on our update earlier this week!  Thank you Aunt Ann and Aunt Geralda for coming to see me.  I love you both very much!  Thank you everyone for your continuous prayers.  God has really been good to me!  Please keep praying as I am back on the road to coming home." 

June 27, 2006- This update is from Kaydee's sister, Barbie:

"I have just heard from Kaydee! Kaylee has a good report . It seems that her struggle with the ventilator has caused an ulcer under her vocal cords. This is the source of the swelling and discomfort in her tiny throat. This is great news compared to the "might have beens". The plan of attack to help Kaylee over this is to slowly remove her from the mild sedation, remove the ventilator and start the healing process. After a few days, the ENT will go back in her throat to medicate the ulcer itself to assist the healing process to minimize the scarring. As far as Kaylee's eye surgery, she's healing every day and doing better. Last night Kory said that she was bright eyed, looking everywhere and interacting with them. They were getting to hold her, hug her, kiss her and just enjoyed some well-needed family time. Please continue your prayers for Kaylee, Kaydee and Kory. We can see God's hand in this child's life - every day, every hour, every minute! "

June 26, 2006- This update is from Kaylee Grace herself, with a little help from Aunt Barbie:

     "All of you that read up about me everyday know that I had laser eye surgery last Thursday.  To do my surgery, they had to put me back on that old ventilator.  I really dislike that thing!  I think that y’all know that too!  Having to go back on the ventilator has put some stress on my throat and it is really swollen and sore right now.  I am getting some medicine to help with the swelling.  I am also on a mild sedative until the vent is removed to keep me from fighting it.  My mommy knows that I don’t like it and that I will pull it out if given the chance– so they have put socks on my hands. Get that?   I am sooo mad!    An ENT is supposed to come see me today and hopefully he will remove the ventilator and check on my throat.
     Being “The Princess” and all, I have commanded some extra attention my way this weekend.  I had several visitors.  Saturday, Aunt Jill and my “Nother Meme”, Janie came to see me.  Sunday, Meme, Papa, Aunt Barbie, Uncle ToTo, Jacob, Aunt Teresa, Jaycee AND Pop-Pop came to see me.  I would have liked to visit more but this crazy vent and my attitude about it won’t let me enjoy the visits.

     Please keep praying for mommy, daddy and me  – that’s what is getting us through."

June 23, 2006- Please keep the prayers going for Kaylee Grace and also her mommy and daddy. She ran into some complications last night from the anesthesia and coming off the ventilator from her surgery. She had a rough night and is back on the ventilator at this time.  We will post updates as she progresses. We believe in the power of prayer!

June 22, 2006- Kaylee Grace came through her surgery just fine! Her doctor believes it went well. Thank you so much for the prayers!

June 21, 2006- Prayer Request!!

Kaydee and Kory have a special prayer request for Kaylee Grace. Kaylee Grace has been diagnosed with retinopathy, a common condition for preemies. She is having laser eye surgery tomorrow (Thursday, June 22) at 1:00 pm, which is incidentally her 3 month birthday! We are all optimistic and confident first in God, who has blessed her and brought her this far, then the doctor, who has had much success and experience with this particular procedure in the past, and last but not least, Kaylee Grace herself for her amazing strength! Please pray that all goes well tomorrow- she is still expected to come home soon, maybe even within a week!

June 20, 2006- This update is from Kaydee's sister:

Kaylee has graduated from the NICCU to the Level II Nursery. It was kind of a hard transition for Kaydee because of the fact that she is leaving behind all the people that she has gotten to know - nurses, parents and even some of the little patients. But at the same time, she knows that this is one more step to Kaylee's coming home. We still do not have a date "set in stone" and we are all anxious - yet we want for Kaylee to be absolutely ready before she comes home. She would be a "full term" baby as of next Tuesday, June 27th. That has been our "homecoming goal" since the beginning. Her care has been turned over to a regular pediatrician in lieu of a neonatologist (which is one more step). Kaydee was glad to meet the doctor who had heard of and knew "Kaylee Grace" by name. Kaylee weighs in today at 5lbs 5ozs. She is still a little lazy when it comes to her feedings. This must be overcome before they will let her come home. In the new nursery, she has been graced with another "window seat" and she loves to look outside. Kory spent alot of his first Father's Day holding Kaylee up to look out the window. Kaydee said that she seemed amazed that the world stretched out beyond the walls that she has been surrounded by since her birth. (Congratulations Kory! Your an awesome father and husband - you mean alot to the "girls" as well as our family.) Thank y'all for keeping up with these updates. Sorry, I haven't been on top of things and doing regular updates. New information doesn't come as quickly these days. FYI, for those of you who try to reach Kaydee on her cell phone, know that it is not working properly - besides the fact that their cell phone bill has been ridiculous... as you can imagine. If you try to get her and cannot, call the Ronald McDonald house and leave a message at her extension. Spending as much time with Kaylee as possible, she might not be able to call you back, but she'll know that you called. Much Love and Many Prayers!!!

June 14, 2006- This update is from Kaydee's sister:

     Finally… at 12 weeks old, I got to hold our sweet princess, Kaylee Grace.  I don’t think that “Aunts” are really allowed to hold the babies in the NICCU but I think that they understand our situation and elected to ignore the fact that I was holding her.
     I can’t begin to describe the feeling.  I can only say that it was great.  I truly felt like I had captured an angel.   She was sleepy from her visit with MeMe.   (Meme visited first and they fed Kaylee while she was visiting.  Initially, she was wearing a sun dress with a hairbow to accent her pretty blondish-red hair.  Yet, before I got to see her, they changed her in to a pink onesie with little pants that had ruffles on the rear.  Such a cutey!!!) As I was holding her, she was resting and kept her eyes closed – only peeking out occasionally.  Her little hands were always so busy but when she finally went to sleep, she rested her hands on each side of her face – as if to present herself in the angelic manner that we “expect”.  I rocked and rocked and patted and patted.  She seemed ticklish as she arched her back as I rubbed it with my fingertips.  Then there was a small smile.  I hugged her close to me and kissed her forehead.  She seemed quite comfortable.  I must have held her for 15 or 20 minutes although time seemed to fly – it seemed like much less.  I hated to put her down but the time came for visiting hours to be over.

     Nurse Michelle was really nice as she bundled Kaylee up and took her to the door to see her cousin Jacob.  He was anxious to visit but told Kaydee that he knew that he had “yucky boy germs” and would not be able to touch her.  It seemed to satisfy him to see her and to kiss her blanketed feet. 

     As for Kaylee’s stat’s… she is almost 5 lbs.  She has fluctuated between 4.13 – 4.15 for the last couple of days.  She is a little lazy when it comes to taking her bottles.  She takes half and burps and then goes to sleep – so the second half goes in the feeding tube.  She will soon be able to come home but she has got to get up to capacity with her feedings before that will happen.  “The Princess” does things on her own time!  She has not had any oxygen in over a week and does fine maintaining her temperature. 

     Continue to pray for Kaylee, Kaydee and Kory (and our entire family).  I am sure that coming home is incredibly exciting for Kaydee and Kory yet at the same time, it will be a little scary.  Her full term due date is June 27 (my birthday) and we expect her to come home by that time.
PS – Aunt Teresa and Aunt Kim, don’t mean to rub it in but “Na, Na, Na-Na, Na”!!!

June 13, 2006- 4 lbs 14 oz !!! It won't be long, now!!!

June 8, 2006- 4 lbs 8 oz !!! NO oxygen since Sunday, June 4 !!

June 6, 2006- 4 lbs 6 oz !!! Still doing well, thanks for the continued prayers!

May 30, 2006- 4 lbs 2oz !!! Still growing and thriving!

May 25, 2006-  3 lbs 12 oz and little to no oxygen!!! Grow, girl grow!

May 25, 2006- This journal is from Kaylee Grace, with a little help from her Aunt Barbie

"I am now getting 2 bottles (about 1 oz each) per day - that's one per shift. Mommy is enjoying my being in "Progressive Care" as she is able to do so much more for me and she really enjoys it. She dresses me, feeds me, bathes me, reads to me, changes me, turns me - you name it! I like it too! I now weigh 3 lbs 8 ozs. That's 3 1/2 pounds. Aren't y'all proud of me???!!!"

May 22, 2006- This journal is from Kaylee Grace with a little help from Aunt Barbie

"Have you heard the latest news???    I have Graduated – yes that’s right – Graduated.  Isn’t it the season for graduation??  Just like Jacob from Pre-K, Kade from Kindergarten, Stephani from High School, and Aunt Teresa from College!!!    I am 3 lbs 6.8 oz!  I am getting to be such a big girl.  I am now on the “other side”.    I have moved from Intensive to Progressive Care.  My new bed sits in the corner suite and I have windows to the outside all around.  I think I will enjoy this.  I will miss my friends from Intensive but know that they will be around to see me.  Nate, my “Boy-Friend” even graduated this weekend too.  He’s really doing good as well.  Please include him in your prayers when you pray for mommy, daddy and me.  I no longer have any IV’s.  But they don’t want to cut me free just yet… I am still on heart and oxygen monitors.  Gotta be sure that I behave!   I also still have my feeding tube in my mouth, but it will be gone too before we know it!   I am getting one bottle a day right around lunch time.  I must keep my princess figure – can’t outgrow my tiara.  My mommy now gets to hold me more.  I really like it… the attention AND the bottles.  It won’t be long and I’ll be home free!  Hope I can come home soon!  Congratulations Steph and Teresa for a job well done!  Jacob and Kade too, but like me, you still have a ways to go."

May 21, 2006- This journal is from Kaydee's  other sister (Teresa)

   I got to see the Princess today. She was busy with company. Her Meme and Papa were there to visit. Uncle Richie and Jaycee slipped in and got a quick look. WONDERFUL NEWS - Kaylee has graduated to the other side of the NNICU. Kaylee is off all IV's and doing GREAT!!! Last weight was 3lbs 4 oz, but she will be weighed again tonight. Things are going very well and she looked adorable as ever. She was napping during my brief visit but did open one eye when I talked to her. She is precious. Continue to do well Sweet Angel and I will see you again Tuesday. 
   For those who stay in touch through the Webpage, we have passed the Prayer Pager off to Mr. Randy (Clif) Yawn. He is father to Wendy Lee the wonderful keeper of this Webpage. We hope that all will continue to call as you did for Kaydee, Kory and the Babies. Support Mr. Yawn and his family during his most recent cancer battle and thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.

May 18, 2006- This journal is from Kaydee's other sister (Teresa)

I went and spent the day with Kaylee and Kaydee yesterday. It was a wonderful visit. Ms. Kaylee looked lovely as ever on her 8 weeks birthday! She is growing and looks sweeter each time I see her. I held her pacifier for her and rubbed her little hand. I can't wait to hold her. Kaydee looked good and we had a good day. We laughed and talked a lot. It was also comforting to see Kaydee doing well. The nurses and doctors in the NNICU are doing a wonderful job of taking care of both Sweet Kaylee and Kaydee. We couldn't ask for better care. Kaylee is again off the vent and doing VERY WELL on very little oxygen. I think she just likes the extra attention (being a Princess and all!). I Love You Sweet Angel. I will be seeing you again REAL SOON!

May 17, 2006- This journal is from Kaydee's sister (Barbie)

Sam and I had a GREAT visit.  We picked up Kaydee and Kory at RMH and took them out to Outback.  Kaydee was feeling better due to Kaylee's response to her infection.  It was good to see her and Kory together smiling and relaxed.  We had a good supper and laughed alot.  We were all near tears from the laughter.  We had an awesome time.
And then we saw an angel. An absolute angel.  "Moments like this" are priceless! I can't find the right words to describe this beautiful, perfect little baby girl.  She was wide awake and off of the ventilator! YES!  
She is now 3 lb 1.8 oz.  Yes, she has lost some weight but it is not a concern.  Being on the vent and the antibiotics, she was not getting the feedings that she was used to.  Dr. Rodriguez expressed that Kaylee's response to the infection went exactly like a textbook example.  It could not have been better.  We are extremely excited about that.
She was wide awake and looking around in the direction of our voices.  She responds really well to her mommy and daddy.  I reached in a rubbed her foot and her little "piggies".  Her foot is almost as long as my pinkie finger (which I just measured at just over 2 inches).  She moved her hands about anxiously looking for something to put in her mouth.  She chewed at her sleeve for a minute and it didn't satisfy her.  She then started to cry a little - almost in a sense of looking for the satisfaction of having something in her mouth and being part of the conversation.   Mommy to the rescue.... She reached in and grabbed her pacifier and Kaylee sucked on it heartily.  Then she joined in our conversation as her eyes moved back and forth from me to Kaydee as we talked.  (Little did she know - that she was the topic of our conversation.)
Mommy has Dr's orders... she MUST come home and sleep in her own bed for at least one night.  A full 8 hours of rest.  Kaydee does not want to leave Kaylee, but she knows that the staff in the NICCU is fully capable.  

Happy 8 Weeks Princess!!!  We love you!  Take care of mommy and daddy.  We'll see you soon.

May 16, 2006- This journal is from Kaydee's sister

Today, Kaylee needs extra prayers. She has been fighting a little infection at her PIC Line site since Saturday. The fight has put her back on the ventilator, which we all know, she hates. Her weight is holding at 3 lbs 3 oz. Considering her fighting the infection and the fact that she hasn't been eating how she's used to, this is somewhat promising. As of tomorrow, Kaylee will be 8 weeks old (56 days). Kaydee has been by her side constantly with only 2 quick day-trips home to McRae. Keep in mind also that previous to the birth, Kaydee was in the hospital - in labor - from March 5 to March 22. This has got to be tough on her too and she needs our prayers as well. She wants to come home, but if it means leaving Kaylee, she's just not going to! Sam and I are planning on a visit to Macon after I get off of work today. I want to see for myself what is going on with the girls! (not to leave Kory out on purpose! Sorry Kory! We'll visit with you too!) I WILL post an update tomorrow!

May 12, 2006- 3 lbs 4 oz !!! Still Growing! 

May 9, 2006- This journal is from Baby Kaylee herself with a little help from Aunt Barbie

"I am so excited today. I am 3 lbs. YAH!!!! I am being such a good girl. I had my first bottle this weekend. I really enjoyed it but it takes a lot of work. It uses a lot of my energy and the work that it takes does not help my weight come up so I probably won’t get to do that too much right away – but the time is quickly approaching. My weekend was extremely busy. I had to be on my best behavior. I had a bunch of company. My Meme and Aunt Teresa came to see me Sunday afternoon. Right after they got there my Nana and Pop Pop showed up and they came in to see me. Before I could finish entertaining them, my Aunt Barbie, Uncle ToTo and Jacob came to see me. Entertaining is such a tiring job. But it’s not hard to be cute. That’s what I concentrated on the most – just being plain cute – I can do it in my sleep! My daddy picked out my outfit for the day, which was a pink set of jammies with frogs on them – just like by bedroom. I also had on a hat to match! I have a new friend in the NICCU. His name is Nate and he is a patient – just like me (except he’s a boy!). He bought me some new ornaments for my isolette AND a photo album. I really like him. His mommy and my mommy are now good friends! His mommy is related to my Uncle Roy! So that makes us kin – kinda!

May 4, 2006

2 lbs 12.2 oz ! Grow girl, grow ! 

May 3, 2006- This journal is from Baby Kaylee, with a little help from her Aunt Barbie

"I am doing so good today. I am able to control my temperature a little better than I used to so I got to spend alot of time outside of my isolette with my mommy and daddy last night. They held me and talked to me for a long time. I love them so much. As of last night, I weighed 2 lbs 9.4 oz. My nurse Monday gave me some milk on my tongue and I really loved that. I know that soon I will be able to have a lollipop! I am such a big girl! Today my Papa, Kenneth Powell, had surgery in Dublin. Meme says that the surgery went well and he is doing good. Guess what? The doctor wants him watched closely so he is in ICU, just like ME, but for "Big People". He should get out of the hospital tomorrow. I am so glad that everything went well, Papa! I love you so much!"

May 2, 2006- This journal is from Kaydee's sister

Maybe by now you have heard but if you haven't, you must know, Kaylee is going to be a doctor... not when she gets big... but NOW! On Thursday of last week, she decided that she had enough of the ventilator and removed her own breathing tube. She just reached up, big girl that she is, and pulled it right out. She has been on "room air" since then with small amounts of nasal oxygen and has had no problems.
She is loving her thumb and her pacifier. The tubes just had to get out of the way!
Kaydee and Kory got to spend alot of time with her that afternoon as they both were able to really hold her for the first time and see just how beautiful Kaylee really is. No tubes, no tape, just a beautiful baby girl.
I didn't get to talk with Kory but Kaydee's excitement is indescribable. She just can't get over how pretty the baby is. Kaylee has what Kaydee calls "Chipmunk Cheeks" and a double (if not triple) chin. Mommy helped give Kaylee her first "tub bath" while daddy took pictures.
Her hair is keeping the "Red" trend. Meme is excited about that.
Kaylee remains our absolute princess and angel! She continues to grow and thrive and fill out - as today she weighs 2 lbs 9 ozs.
Keep it up baby girl! I look forward to seeing you Thursday.

April 27, 2006- This journal update is from Kaydee's sister

  "My mommy says that I looked so pretty yesterday. I had on a white dress with big pink polka dots and a pretty pink hairbow in my soft, pretty hair. I think that I MUST BE cute. The nurses took my picture in this outfit and they made a sign for my bed that says "The Princess is Sleeping". Who told them that I was the Princess? My mommy must have!
  I am feeling much better. Actually, I did not ever feel that bad. My Sunday night nurse was so swift that she caught my infection before it really even surfaced too much. Because of her expertise, it was caught so early and I got medicine so quickly, I didn't really have any trouble getting over it.
  I am such a tough girl. Mommy thinks that I am going to be prissy but my Meme is probably right. She says that I am going to be wearing overalls with a sling shot in my back pocket out in the woods hunting with my daddy. That sounds like a lot of fun! I can't wait. Of course, I will try to make mommy happy too. I'll wear those hairbows and frilly clothes if she insists. But I won't promise not to get them dirty! I'm planning on following Jaycee and Jacob at the ballfield. I can't wait to watch them play.
  This morning, I am still in my PJ's. They are cute too. They have cute little bugs all over them. I weigh 2 lbs 3 oz today. I also will be able to get my food again soon, probably by later today! Then I'll grow some more!
  Happy Birthday Aunt Teresa and Cousin Stephani. I know your birthdays are Saturday. We'll have a party when I come home! I love you!!
Much Love, Hugs & Kisses to Everybody!" 



April 25, 2006- This journal update is from Kaydee's sister

We stand amazed at Kaylee's will to fight (and win) the battles of being so tiny. Finally, we have surpassed the 2 pound mile marker! We are so excited. 
Meme and I visited "The Princess" on Saturday and she is truly a beautifullittle girl; as Aunt Teresa described - an absolute "angel". The weight gain - as slight as it is - looks good on her. (In 25 years, she might not think that the weight gain is a plus, but for now, we'll take what we can get!) 
I cannot describe the love that we feel for this child. I have so many dreams and so many wishes for her. I can't wait for the day that we can all hold her and physically express our love.
For today, Kaylee is back on some medication for a slight infection. She
will not be able to "eat" while taking this but we are assured that the drs and nurses will do everything possible - feeding her intravenously - to keep her weight up. Although you are already doing this for us, please pray, but specifically pray that this infection will soon go away and she'll be able to get her food again. 
 Kaydee, Kory and Kaylee wish to bid a large THANK YOU to Samantha and Gwen Wilmoth. They went to visit Sunday with a HUGE surprise. They took Keetz (Maybe HUGE is not the right word - after all he is just a Chihuahua) to Macon for a visit. Kaydee was quite happy to see him. He also enjoyed his visit and the car ride. He was such a good dog that he was treated to a dog biscuit Sundae at Brewsters on the way home! (REALLY!) 
 Thanks again Sam and Gwen!!! You'll never know what you mean to Kaydee!


April 23, 2006

2 Pounds Today- Yay!!! Grow, Girl, Grow!!!

April 20, 2006- This journal update is from Kaydee's other sister!

I saw an angel today......I went to see MS KAYLEE
GRACE, the Princess of the NNICU, on Thursday.  I can
honestly say that I felt truly blessed in her
presence.  Even as small as she is she seems to
radiate an angelic aura.  She appears tiny and
fragile, however seems to have such strength.  She
inspires and is admired by all who are lucky enough to
enjoy her company and I was one of them
Kaylee has changed so much since my last visit.  She
appears to have grown more hair and the color is more
red than the last time I seen her.  She loves to touch
and feel, her hands rarely still.  She is feeding well
and "our" goal for her is to get to two pounds in the
next week or so and she is so close at 1 pound 14.8
Kaydee looked good and it was a comfort to see her
enjoying Kaylee.  I can hardly wait until the day that
Kaydee calls and says she is holding her precious
angel.  There is nothing more special than seeing a
mother hold her child and there is none more deserving
of that moment than Kaydee.
Kaylee was beautiful and I can hardly wait until the
day she comes home.  Until then, I will see you soon
Sweet Angel!!  Love Aunt Teresa

April 19, 2006- 

Happy 4 Weeks to Kaylee Grace today! The report is that she is still holding her own. Please keep the prayers going that she will continue her good health and progress.

April 18, 2006- This journal is from Kaydee's sister

Kaylee is the "Princess" of the NICCU.  So many people, the drs and nurses from the NICCU as well as labor & delivery included, are praying and pulling for her.  She is still doing good and should be weighed again tonight.  She should come off of the ventilator this week. 
Kaydee is enjoying every minute that she gets to spend with her during the day and is even getting to do some mommy tasks to help out the nurses.
Once Kory gets in from work, then he's right there, too.  They have to leave during shift change which allows them to have supper together, but then they are right back for a night-time visit and usually sit with her until around 10:00.  They blow kisses good night and head back to the Ronald McDonald house until they can get back again.

April 15, 2006

Great news! Miss Kaylee Grace has picked up 4 oz- she is up to 1 lb 13 oz now!!! She continues to grow and amaze us with her strong will and steady determination. She is resting up for a big day tomorrow- Happy Easter and a very Happy Birthday to her mommy on the same day! Please keep the prayers going for her continued success and good health. 

April 13, 2006- This journal is from Wendy

     I went to see Miss Kaylee Grace yesterday to wish her a Happy 3 Week Birthday. The word that stands out in my mind after meeting this tiny miracle is "exquisite". She is truly a witness for God in her own existence. It is amazing to me that someone so small could have such personality and expression! She waves her tiny hand (that is actually all of one whole inch!) and touches her pretty pink blanket. She strikes a princess pose with that same hand as she touches her hair. She wrinkles her forehead when you speak to her as if she knows what you are saying and is interested. She yawns when she feels she has entertained enough for a while and sleepily closes her eyes.
    Her daddy says that she is forever kicking off her covers and scooting up or down in her little bed. Her nurse says that she is "a feisty little girl and sooo strong!"
    She is taking up to 6 ccs of breastmilk now over a span of 3-4 hours and it is agreeing with her. She is on the barest minimum of oxygen support and looking to be free from that soon. She is still holding her weight at 1 lb 9 oz as of Tuesday night. With all of her activity, she very quickly burns calories but is expected to start picking up weight soon.
     It was an honor and a pleasure to see her- her mommy says that she will kaylee grace us all with a picture soon so that you all can meet her, too! Thanks for the continued prayers, thoughts, concern and interest.

April 11, 2006- This journal is from Miss Kaylee Grace herself (with a little help from her aunt)

My MeMe and my Aunt Barbie came to see me last night.   They told me that I am the prettiest little baby girl in the whole wide world.   They said that I changed a lot in a week’s time.    I have the longest fingers, which I get from mommy.   I am a wiggle worm and my hands are always busy.   I like to touch everything.
My tummy was quite full when they came to see me and I was really sleepy.   My nurses started giving me 5 cc’s of mommy’s milk yesterday and it makes me feel so cozy.   I wanted to visit so bad but I just couldn’t hold my eyes open.
My daddy is crazy about me.   Mommy says that he’s always first to get in to the NNICU and right by my side.   She moves a little slower these days.    He bought me the cutest ornaments to adorn my hospital bed.   They are angels.   One says “Take care of my daughter” and the other says “Miracles Happen”.   That’s what they say that I am!   He and Mommy love me so much.   I can’t wait for them to hold me and give me kisses and hugs.
My new friend, Madelyn, who is sometimes my night nurse, is really nice and I really like her.   She even told me that she thinks of me on the weekends (her time off).   How special am I???
Thank you everybody for taking care of mommy and daddy.   I love them very much.

April 10, 2006- This journal is from Kaydee's sister:

Miss Kaylee Grace is still doing good.  They have increased her feedings to 4 ccs every 3-4 hours.  She has gained another oz weighing in Saturday at 1 lb 9 1/2 ozs.
When Kaydee visited her Saturday, her nurse had "decorated" her with a hairbow.  Kaydee was sooo excited to see her little girl with her hairbow as she hopes that she will be a "girly-girl" with all the frills and dills that come with it.  Knowing that this is what Kaydee wants, she'll probably be in camouflage hunting with her daddy -  instead of all that girly business!
Thank you Jaycees for your help!  The dance was an awesome idea.  (They raised $1750.00 for Kaydee, Kory and Kaylee.) How awesome is that!?!  It will be well used.  Thank you for all those who attended and/or helped in any way.  Also thank you to the businesses who were so kind to donate the gift certificates for the auction!!!  Our community is awesome!!!  We are fortunate to be a part of it!

April 7, 2006- This journal is from Kaydee's sister:

First of all, I wish to apologize to those of you who faithfully check out here looking for these updates.  It has not been my intent to ignore the update process.  I have been with my little boy who has been sick for the past couple of days and was not able to prepare an update.  Jacob's feeling fine now so here we go... 
Miss Kaylee is still our "Star Student".  She is doing well for such a small baby.  Kaydee says that her lab reports have all been good.   She is getting food again after a few days on the antibiotics - which did their job - so hopefully we'll be gaining some weight again.  GROW! GROW! GROW!  As we know that growth will ultimately get her beyond her critical state.  She is far from out of the woods and still needs our prayers.  
Thank you everybody!  We do appreciate all of you so much!

April 4, 2006- This journal update is from Kaydee's sister:

Today, Kaylee Grace is still holding her own, but a little less steady. She is on an antibiotic for a concern that is not to be taken as "panic-level" but needed to be addressed.  I saw her last night. Her color was good... In my opinion, she looks like her daddy! She definitely has his nose and toes! She looks to have the strawberry blond eyebrows and hair. Please keep the prayers going.

April 3, 2006- This journal update is from Kaydee's sister:

   For those of you who don't already know - I don't know how else to say it, but Kolton passed away Friday afternoon. This was due to complications from his heart medication. The good Lord decided that He needed him in heaven more than we did here on earth. We have no doubt that he is now in heaven with the other babies. They are now Kaylee's guardian angels. In a sense, they always have been. 
   It's scary to say but Kaylee is doing okay. She has gained back up to her birth weight and is taking some tiny amounts of breast milk. She is a very active and wiggly baby that gives hope and inspiration to her parents each time they speak to her and she responds by "looking" for them. She continues to be our star student. It's so weird to think about - all the love that we have had in our hearts (all of us) has been for five babies. Just think how ruined she will be with that multiplied kind of love from all of us! She's going to be rotten!!! Please just keep her lifted up with prayer - as well as Kaydee and Kory. 
   Thank you to our friends and family - and to strangers - for everything that you have done. You know who you are and what you have done. Maybe you have said a prayer, kept one of our children so that we could be with Kaydee and Kory, babysat Kaydee's dog, cooked a meal, made a phone call or sent an email, pulled a coke tab, organized a fundraiser - whatever it is, we do appreciate it. We love you!

March 31, 2006- This journal update is from Kaydee's sister:

Okay everybody. We know that you have been praying and praying hard.   Kaydee & Kory have requested a specific prayer.
They talked with the Dr's yesterday about Kaylee and Kolton.   They are both still doing okay and seem for now to be holding their own.
They were told, however, that Kolton has a valve in his heart that has not closed completely.  As I understand it, this is almost expected in babies this size.  They are treating him with medication and he is on his 2nd round.  They are hopeful that the valve will seal with these treatments in an effort not to require surgery at a later time.
Kaydee & Kory have asked to pray specifically for the closure of this valve.   However, still wish for prayer for both of their little angels.

March 30, 2006- This journal update is from Kaydee's sister:

We are not even over the loss of Kooper and the absolute unthinkable has happened.  We have lost Kennadee.    Why must we go through this again??   We don't know the purpose, we don't understand and probably never will.  We have now witnessed too many times just how quickly things can change.  We are not promised next week, the next day, the next hour or even the next minute.  We can only hope that God has His hand in this somehow and that He will continue to watch over Kaylee and Kolton.    We have received no bad news about these babies yet we know from our experience that anything can happen in just a small amount of time.  
I am glad to say that Kaydee did have a good visit with Kaylee, Kolton and Kennadee on Tuesday night.  She was extremely excited about their progress.  The time she spent with Kennadee will give her some peace through this loss.  Kaylee remains our #1 student as she looks searchingly for her mommy when she hears her voice.  Kolton has had a good report with some of his scans. 
 Our comfort zone is no longer.  We will not be able to rest until Kaydee brings these babies home.  Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.  Lord knows we need them.  It is extremely hard for us to talk to God right now.

March 27, 2006- This journal update is from Kaydee' sister:

Because right now it is extremely hard for me to talk about, I wanted to send you all a note about Kaydee, Kory and the babies. Most of you know that Kooper had a really hard time Thursday and most of the day Friday. Late Friday afternoon we received good news. Kooper was improving. He did well through Saturday and as late as 3:00 Sunday he had made a drastic improvement. Around 5:00 Sunday, that changed. For some unknown reason, Kooper's heart rate starting dropping. Within an hour, he was gone. We are left to assume that this happened b/c he was the weakest baby. His battle was hard fought - he was a tuff little guy. We all got to hold him and tell him goodbye. He was quite handsome. A good mix of Kaydee and Kory. He had Kaydee's nose. And the prettiest brown hair. The best that I can describe him is that he looked peaceful. We will have a small graveside service sometime Tuesday afternoon. Please continue to keep our family (esp. Kaydee, Kory and the remaining 3 babies) in your prayers. The other 3 babies still are doing well. Kaylee (the littlest) continues to show-out - coming off of medications, etc. first. Kennadee and Kolton are right on her heals. We hope that they will remain strong. Losing Kooper reminds us how quickly things can change. Thank you for everything.

March 26, 2006

Kaydee was released from the hospital yesterday. She and Kory went back to Macon to keep watch over the babies. Please keep the prayers going as the babies are very tiny and their health is going to be precarious for a while as they gain strength and grow. Know that your cares, prayers and support is greatly appreciated.


March 24, 2006

Kaydee is healing. She and Kory are trusting their faith to take them through the ups and downs to come. The babies are making it through their third day in this world. Baby Kooper is struggling the most and therefore needing extra prayers from everyone. Kaylee, the smallest one, is leading the pack in strength and good health at this time. Kennadee and Kolton are maintaining their status. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support.


March 23, 2006

Kaydee and Kory would like to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers for them and the new babies. Physically, Kaydee has some relief and is getting some much-needed rest. Emotionally, they both are experiencing the ups and downs, joys and worries of being new parents of babies at risk. The babies are now in the "fragile but stable" condition. They are holding their own but it is a very precarious position and they need all our prayers.

March 19, 2006

Tuesday (3-21) will be 26 weeks! Kaydee is in a very fragile but stable condition at this point.  She has shown amazing strength and stamina, especially for the past two weeks. The babies are content and growing, each day they remain inside is a blessing for them. Kory remains strong and takes good care of them all. Kolton is the "King of the K's" at this point as he weighed in last Tuesday at 1 lb 13 oz and Kaylee was the smallest at 1 lb 6 oz.  Kaydee will resume the journal updates herself as soon as she is able but in the meantime wants everyone to know how much she appreciates the thoughts, notes and prayers.  We will continue to update as news becomes available and as Kaydee and Kory wish. 


March 1, 2006

23 Weeks- What another blessed week! Praise God for answered prayers. All is well with the babies and Mommy & Daddy, too! However, we are still confined to strict bedrest. That pretty much means 24 hours a day lying in bed with the exception of bathroom privileges. This is definitely not how we planned it, but we were well-informed that this was inevitable. Knowing that it is assisting with prolonging the pregnancy makes it much easier. Kory  is taking great care of me. Trying to satisfy my cravings is a full-time job. He packs a cooler for me each morning and places it by my bed. So I basically picnic all day. It's really not so bad. I have lots of company and phone calls. When I'm not resting I'm usually busy compiling "to do" lists for Kory or scrapbooking.  I'm excited to say that the "5K Event" was a huge success. Kory and I are just blown away by the kindness and generosity that has been shown to us. We are forever grateful to all who attended. A very special thanks to those who made it such a huge success. I'm sorry to have missed it but according to my doctor, it just wasn't an option. However, I wasn't completely left out. Thanks to some local computer experts, I was able to watch the shower and communicate with many guests via webcam and a laptop that was brought directly to my bedroom- it was awesome! As for the babies, they are busy growing. They each weigh over a pound now and we are thrilled. They are definitely packing more punch with their kicks. I love feeling them move. They are very active. It is truly amazing! As some of you may have heard, we may be admitted to the hospital on Monday, where we will remain under close watch until these babies are ready to make their debut. This is strictly for precaution. It comes as no surprise to Kory and me as we knew this was inevitable. It's just part of carrying quintuplets. This is not concrete- but more likely than not. We had much rather I be in the hospital than 80 miles away, at home. Our goal is to make it to 30-32 weeks. Our prayer is that the Lord will allow these babies to be in the womb so that they can continue growing and gaining weight. So, if that means keeping me in the hospital, when do I check in? :o)   Thanks to everyone who is following our progress. It means so much to us. I will domy best to continue with weekly updates for you to read. Please keep us in your prayers over the next several months