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A 5K Event” 

In McRae, Georgia, unfolds a sweet story

About a special couple, Kaydee and Kory.

They were high school friends, just having fun,

That resulted in a wedding in 2001.

Newlyweds focused the next couple years

On finishing school and beginning careers.

Looking at what the future held in store,

Like many others, they wanted something more.

They adopted a puppy and named him Keats

But he wasn’t quite enough to make their family complete.

So they decided together and began to pray

That God would send a new baby their way

He has a plan for each one of us here

Even when, to us, it’s not always clear.

It happened! A baby was on its way!

Everything went well til the third month one day.

God had another plan for that baby, it seemed.

Devastated, they longed for the baby they had dreamed.

But every time our hearts break, even when we grieve

We know that He will heal it, if only we believe.

With great faith, family and friends kept praying,

“Please send them another baby!” That’s all they were saying.

God did hear these prayers and His answer was grand!

He said, “This blessing will be shared all over the land!

For I’m not just sending one baby to you,

I’m blessing you with a five-baby crew!”

Cheers erupted from each family member and friend

The blessings are coming seemingly without end.

The doctors and nurses are taking great care,

Five babies at once! That’s not common anywhere!

In our little town, when we discover a family’s needs,

People pour out their hearts with all sorts of good deeds.

A community baby shower is the first thing we’ll do,

Planned for Feb. 25, at the Rec Center at 2 !

Local folks will come out and celebrate

With hearts open wide and gifts to donate.

It will be known as a “5K Event” in McRae

Because each baby’s name begins with a “K”!

So much is needed for these three girls and two boys,

Diapers and clothes, blankets and toys!

Small items like bottles, pacifiers and bibs,

Big items like high chairs, swings and cribs!

Each gift will be appreciated, and more importantly, each prayer

Because it all comes from people showing they care.

Please join us for this phenomenal event,

A 5K Blessing can only be Heaven-sent!  

                                                                    Wendy Lee