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The Walk was a success! Family and friends showed up to honor Miss Kaylee Grace and remember Karlee, Kennadee, Kolton and Kooper. Special thanks go to Shelley for organizing this team and her twins, who were also honored at the Walk.  The 5K Team collected $1500 and the total goal of the entire Walk ($14,000) was met as they expected to deposit over $15,000. 









The March of Dimes sponsored this event to raise money for research to benefit premature babies. We walked in memory of Karlee, Kooper, Kennadee and Kolton and in honor of Kaylee. Please consider a donation to this worthy cause.

Saturday, May 13
Fairview Park Hospital
Dublin, GA
10:00 a.m.

Come and be a part of the

If you are interested in being part of the team, register through Shelley's website below. You do not have to donate to walk, but donations are welcome. Be sure to register online in order to get your t-shirt if you plan to walk.

Donations may be made online through Shelley's website or by cash or check through Shelley, Barbie, Teresa, or anyone else walking personally.

Email Shelley

Shelley's Website

March of Dimes Website